Privacy Policy

User Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy elaborates how DeltaCoupon collects and uses information when you interact with our site. Privacy policy is applicable on all the customers and users of DeltaCoupon and the websites published on DeltaCoupon. Feel free to contact us for any questions related to our privacy policy. We have a commitment to protect and respect your privacy. In the best interests of users and for the optimal performance of website, we use cookies. The way our users put their trust in our working procedure is highly appreciated.

Web Cookies:

Cookies help us determine how users use the website. These cookies are the part of most web browsers and collect the information that prove to be helpful during the personalization of user web experience. If you don’t want cookies to collect your information, go to your web Brower setting and disallow the cookies. It may track data like: time user spent on the website, webpages viewed before and after the visit of website. Cookies do not gather any data related to personal information.

Personal Information:

Our privacy policy explains how we use and process your information on our site. We only take the information that is necessary to help us provide you with the most suited results and deals. Personal information which is collected, used for identification, tracking of location or to contact user. We may collect following personal information:

Information for Contact:

This information allows us to communicate with our customers (users) by means like phone number, email address, postal address or other addresses. It also includes the types of products and stores you have. Also adds types of coupon and coupon websites. Information gathered from social media platform is used too.

Transaction Information:

Services, such as coupons, gifts that you purchase or sell via our services. It also includes information such as financial information. To administrate your participation in our services, we use data including your payment card number and expiry date.

We use collected data for:

For the betterment of user experience, to improve site, sending of emails and other notifications.

Advertise with us information:

This is the information which is required when you advertise with us. This let us know who we are working with.

You are still under 18? We will not suggest you use our site on your own. However, you can visit our site along with your guardian. Your emails help us a lot; we look forward to your opinion every time you shop through our website. Please let us know if you see anything inappropriate.